Thursday, February 17, 2011


Hey! I entered a post a while back called Reaction, PRICELESS. This was regarding a Christmas gift for our Fire Chief here in our town. The gift was a book that I designed and gathered all the material for, took many of the photos within and put together as a gift for him. The pictures shown below are of the front and back cover. It was a lot of work, which occupied a lot of my time, but boy, was it well worth it. His reaction was like I said, priceless and I was absolutely blessed by his response! :)

But now, I am working on yet another project for our fire department. A website. Our own website! It is coming along quite nicely and I am pretty happy with it. My sister has been helping me with it a bit as she has put together a website before and I had not till this point. There are lots of new technical terms to learn and new techniques and programs to learn how to use. Thankfully she has been able to help me with it or it would take much longer than it has. I am pretty excited for the way the site has come together thus far and all the info we have compiled to enter onto it. Also, all the neat pictures for the history section and all the portraits of our firefighting personnel all look so cool on the backgrounds we have chosen and other graphics we are using. It looks pretty neat! I will keep you posted on the progress of our site and once it all complete and all up and running, will attach the link!

Anyway, enjoy the pics below and have a great day! Be back soon!

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