Friday, May 13, 2011

MVFD April burn

What a super fun day I had this day with our department at a practice burn! It was a beautiful day weather wise and absolutely perfect for this burn. The location we got worked fantastic for all the guys. They were able to do tons of practice drills and then a great practice burn by being able to burn the building down to make room for a new home at this location! Again, I had so much fun being able to get photos not only of the burn, but of some drills as well! I am beyond blessed by this group and that they always allow me to tag along and get right in there with my camera and shoot some great photos! I love the exhilaration of it all! I was right in where it was real hot and got some great shots! We got to work with some other departments whose guys were taking their Level 1. All in all it was beneficial for all and we all had a great time! Thanks again MVFD and Chief for allowing me to come along! Hope you like the photos! Enjoy!

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