Thursday, February 7, 2013

A little bit of warmth and sunshine

Well, it has been a LONG TIME since my last post!  I cannot believe how busy one's life gets!  I so wanted to post a Christmas wish but the day we went out to take our Christmas photo, we were in a car accident and our car was totalled.  Don't worry, we were not seriously hurt, but our car was!  LOL!  So, now we are still hunting for a vehicle.  This happened at the beginning of December.  Then we had the Christmas and holiday season which was wonderful, but again, very busy!  Right after the new year, we headed down Jamaica way for my life long friend's wedding and a holiday for our 10 year wedding anniversary that we celebrated in September!  So, as poor as an excuse as it might be, I am using all of them as to why I haven't kept up with posting, and pictures, etc., etc.!  I really just wanted to say hello, and share this lovely photograph of Jamaica for a bit of warmth and sunshine for those of us here in the great white north where its cold and snowy!  Also, its a new year and I am looking forward to lots of photo shoots, and crafting.  Please feel free to contact us to book your photo shoots, order a wood burned item, a custom barnboard frame, or as I will be posting a little later, a handmade owl, or throw pillows!  Take care all, and God bless!

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