Sunday, September 6, 2009

Busy weekend!

Did we ever have a crazy, busy weekend! I sure am tired tonite!
Friday and saturday we had our 23rd annual Rocking W fall horse sale. It went pretty well. Its always nice to catch up with people you only get to see once or twice a year and to see a lot of nice horses sell. No, we didn't buy anything at the sale but, we may be purchasing a few at a little bit later date. We talked to a friend of ours whos got some pretty nice horses he wants to sell and said he would make us a good deal. But not sure when that will be. No rush as we really need to sell some first. I am hoping to get some pics taken of them so I can advertise them.
Today, (sunday) I photographed a wedding of a very special couple. We had sooooooo much fun today taking pictures all over the place! They were absolutely beautiful and the pictures are gonna look awesome once they are all ready to go. I don't have them ready to post as of yet, but I am hoping to by later this week. I do not want to post them till they are back from their honeymoon and I have their proofs to them. But keep watching for them!
Well anyway, it was a great weekend all in all, but now I am tired and its off to bed I go! Talk to ya all soon!

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