Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, I really like the fall season. I like it because of the cooler weather as I am all for wearing a sweater or a light jacket. I like it because of the harvest and all the blessings we recieve. And mostly I like it for the fall colors! The colors are always just gorgeous. One day I was on my way out to bring Bryan supper at the field. Here as I was waiting I found several photo opportunities and thankfully I had my camera along. So I managed to get a picture of him working, the dirt road with an open, endless sky, and an awesome sun peeking through beautiful clouds.
On the way home I got a gorgeous sunset as well. The sunsets in fall are absolutely spectacular!
Another day I got the remaining shots below. It was overcast and cool but there were lots of cool things to see!
I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I had fun snapping them!

My Bryan hard at work!
Gorgeous sun and clouds!

The dirt road with the endless sky close to where Bryan was working!
A beautiful sunset on a gravel road.

The creek close to my Dad's place.

A water pool that trickles out into a little stream!
Cat tails near a pond that I enjoy driving by!

More cat tails near the same pond.

A view of my favorite pond!

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