Thursday, November 26, 2009

The season has come 'round again!

Finally after all these years, I have got my christmas tree up before Dec. 1st! I am pretty pumped about that! Its the time of year to get festive and into the christmas spirit but it just doesn't "feel christmas-y" if ya know what I mean. Theres no snow, which I am certainly not complaining about, and God has blessed up with some super weather this fall, and this long into fall. But I am thinking that we need just a little "something" to make it more "festive", don't y'all think?
I am gonna finish decorating my tree tomorrow but it is all "fluffed" and the lights are on. The 2 biggest tasks. I just love it when my tree is all decorated and all my christmas decorations are up. Then I pop in a christmas movie, get my hot chocolate and popcorn and sit down and relax! I love the way the christmas season feels. Of course, it is about the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus, but also getting together with family and friends, and all the food!
This is one of the first years I have had my tree up before I start my christmas baking! It will be so much fun to do all my christmas baking with all my decorations up!
I know to some it may seem silly to put up all these decorations for such a short time, but I enjoy it and its the only time of year where I get to listen to the wide selection of christmas music I have. So, for the last couple weeks I have started listening to christmas music to get into the christmas spirit! Its been great!
Whats your favorite thing about christmas? Whats important to you? To each and every one it may be something different, it may be something simliar, or it may be the same. But whatever it is, enjoy it! The season is so short!
I must be going for tonite, but if you have any memories or want to share something, please feel free to comment!
Take care & will be back soon with some pics of my tree and house!

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