Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr it sure is chilly!

Well, the dead of winter is finally upon is! I went out and started my car this morning only to find it was incredibly cold! I mean COLD! Yikes! But one thing, at least the wind isn't blowing a million miles and hour and the windchill isn't minus 1000! LOL! Ok, ok, thats a bit extreme but when its super cold, thats what it feels like!
I almost have my house completely decorated for christmas. Tonite I am hoping to finish and then do some housecleaning. Friday we are hoping to finish our christmas shopping and then saturday I am going to do my christmas baking. Then once that is all done, I will be ready for christmas except for a few odds and ends and then I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the christmas season.
In the next week or so, I should have new photos to post. Probably of a miscellaneous variety.
Well, should get going here for now! Enjoy preparing for the Christmas season!

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