Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome 2010

Well, Christmas has come and gone. We are into the New Year. I have yet to post some pictures of Christmas on here. I just need to have some time to do so! Christmas was very busy with gatherings here and there, and hardly a free day to ourselves. Bryan's brother and his family came out from Edmonton and that was really nice. We got to see them and play with our nieces! What a treat that is! They are so precious! We had other great news as well. Bryan's youngest brother got engaged to a SUPER gal! She is an awesome person and a fantastic addition to our family. Looking forward to their wedding in August sometime. This will make the Gerbrandt clan complete! Everyone will be married!

I always love the thought Bryan puts into the gifts he gets for me. He always feels like he sucks at shopping but he doesn't! I love the gifts he gives me! Not just the material gifts, but his love and support! I love it when he holds me with his strong arms and I love how I feel in those arms! I think that is how we are supposed to feel in God's arms. That is something that I am really trying to put into focus at this time. For any of you that read this and wish to pray for me/us, is this. That we would feel God's love for us, His protection, His guidance, His blessing, and His forgiveness! You can also pray that we could completely forgive and let go. That we would grow closer to one another each and every day. This is something I am praying for fervently!!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and we look forward to sharing more of our works of art with you in 2010. For any of you wishing to book photo appointments or place orders for prints, woodburned items, or frames, please let us know. Especially for summer as we tend to have to plan things well in advance!

God bless you and have a great 2010!

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