Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another seat design

Well, another month has past since we have posted an entry. It seems our life has been really busy with our jobs, the horse sale, and life in general. The weather has been superb so farming has been going really well so that keeps us both busy with working. Plus, we had our 4th annual Rocking W Spring horse sale on May 7 & 8 so that kept us hoppin' as well. We sold a horse in the sale which made it even busier with getting him ready before the sale and riding him and selling him there. It always seems if you have a horse in a sale that it is just that much more work. But in the end it was very worth it for us as he brought more than we expected and some unexpected bills could be paid off! Thank you Lord!!

Bryan completed another custom woodburned art toilet seat. This was a gift for a friend, but none the less remarkable! He took the logo for his friend's bear hunting outfitter service and designed a seat for him. He used the logo on the "inside" of the lid, and for the top of the seat, he found a real nice picture of a bear to draw and got some stencils for the lettering. All in all, it turned out amazing as the logo for the business has quite intricate details as you will see in the photos below! Remember that if any of you out there are interested in one of these seats, they are solid oak and we do custom work. So if you have a picture or logo that you would like on one, let us know, and we will get a seat made for you. Bryan does this by hand and is a great artist. We have sold several and have had repeat clients as well as clients who saw someone else's and wanted one for themselves. Our contact info is available on our profile!

Anyway, should get going for now as I need to get out and ride some horses while its still light out! I will be posting some photos real soon of our Mexican adventure, so stay tuned for those!

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