Monday, June 21, 2010

Long time between postings....

Hey there!

Again, its been a while since our last posting! We have been crazy busy it seems. Bryan has been busy with farming inbetween all the rains we've been getting. He's also been quite busy with fire dept stuff as well. I've been busy working and just trying to keep up with the yard, house, and everything else it seems.

We are in the process of starting some young horses and that keeps our evenings and any other extra time busy. We also have our broke horses to ride, young horses from last year that were started and other projects that are on the go as well. I have also been participating in some barrel racing jackpots at Dad's place that my sister has been putting on so that has been every tuesday thus far in June. There are 2 more left. Its been fun!

It would be very nice if the rain would stop! Things are just so wet and saturated that there is hardly any place for the water to go. Also the mosquitoes and other bugs are HORRENDOUS!!! I think if it would quit raining and start to dry, then some of the bugs would back off! It would be so nice to be able to spend time outside without swatting bugs and with riding and working horses would be nicer too so we wouldn't have to fight the bugs all the time! I also would be able to get all my flowers planted as well b/c every time I go to plant or even think about wanting to work on that, it rains!! Oh well, hopefully it will get done this week!!

I will be posting some more new pics very soon! Sorry that I haven't been keeping up with that but life just seems so very crazy! I will have several different ones to post! I have yet to post our Mexico adventure, but those pics are coming as well!

I still have several openings for photography sessions so feel free to set up a time with me if you like! I am looking forward to another year of great photo sessions!

Well, I should get going for now but stay tuned for new pics to come

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