Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday afternoon with family

This past Sunday afternoon was beautiful outside. We spent the day at my sister's place with my Dad and his wife and our Grandma! It was a lovely day! My husband pictured directly below here went for a spin with my sister's new miniature horse in this little cart. These little guys are quite tough and hearty and can manage pulling a lot of weight. They aren't as wimpy as they look! Needless to say it was a fun day! A nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon after church!

This picture is of my sister trying to teach Barb (our step Mom) how to drive a horse. This is the first time since she's been in our family that she has done this. This little guy is really broke and easy to drive. I think Barb really had fun!

This is my sister and her new Catahoula pup Winnie! She is sooooooo cute, the dog and, my sister! LOL!

I just think Winnie is the cutest dog ever! I jokingly told my sister that if she was missing a dog then...... HA HA! No, we can't have a dog where we live! Maybe someday!

Winnie, striking a pose! Such a beautiful dog!

Each of Winnie's eyes are a different color! 1 blue, 1 amber!

And last, but not least, all 3 Amigos! From left is Gage, the male Catahoula that Winnie will be a mate too when she's old enough. Gage isn't yet a year old. Then Winnie in the middle and Jessie on the left. Jessie is done having pups. She is a Husky/Shepherd cross! She's a nice dog and extremely energetic!

Thus ends our day at the Dunn's!

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  1. I don't know if you saw a few posts back of my oldest son driving my father's minature horse. We love to get the mini's out and drive them around! So fun!!!

    I had always wanted to drive my regular size horse, but couldn't afford a cart. After I grew up and moved away, Dad bought the mini's and my dream was fulfilled. I finally learned to drive! It was fun helping Dad train them!