Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where Have I been?.....

Hi there!

August has now past and September is basically half gone. For those who read/follow our blog, you may have been wondering where I've (Tanya) been. July was not the best month for me as I was not feeling well. I thought that towards the end of July things were looking up however, that was not the case. I spent the first week of August in the hospital with an infection that the Dr's just don't know where it came from. But to make a long story short, God has been AWESOME and I am healed, healing, and feeling much, much better. I have been off work though since the beginning of August under Dr's orders and Dr's care. But things are going uphill each and every day! I will be off work though still for about another month after which time the Dr's will reassess me and see how it looks. But please don't worry, I am feeling better and it was nothing life threatening or anything, I was just not doing well as I was sick for a month and didn't know it.

This time off has certainly made my relationship with God much, much stronger. I have really been learning how to trust Him, hear Him, and be patient and wait for Him to answer and hear my cry. It has also strengthened my faith in Him and is continuing to strengthen my health.

Well, I will have a bunch of new pictures to post as I have had some time to actually do some editing. I will have quite a variety to post so I hope you will enjoy them!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, need a photo shoot, or just want to say hi! Take care & God bless!

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