Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Boys

Below are photos of "my boys"! My horses, that is! As many of you know I grew up on a horse ranch where we raised all registered stock. My Dad started out with appaloosas and quarter horses, then we went to paints and quarter horses and now we just raise quarter horses. I feel so blessed to have grown up with this lifestyle and still have an active role on our family ranch. These pictures are of all our boys that we have. We also have 2 broodmares that are in foal for next year but I don't have any recent photos of them. The sun was bright and there were lots of shadows but I managed to get a few nice pics of them. Hope you like them!!

This photo is of Leo Drift Zip or Cisco as we call him. He is a 2 year old registered quarter horse gelding. We started him this summer and he is coming along quite nicely. But he is not for sale at this time! He is super pretty and is gonna be a fair size! He was kinda scared at first but got over it real quick! He is a pretty buckskin color. We called him Cisco because he looks like the horse from Dances With Wolves. When he's shed out he's a real bronze buckskin!

This is Smokey Spurs or Moe as we call him. He is a bay 2 year old registered quarter horse gelding. We also started him this summer. He is gonna make a nice family horse because he's really quiet. He is also not for sale at this time but may be in spring! He's always in your pocket in the pen and is real quiet in the barn and when you ride him. He has a nice personality!

This is Boons Feature Shot or Yellow as we call him. He is a registered yearling palomino quarter horse gelding. We will start him this coming up spring. He is not for sale at this time. We are thinking of keeping him and starting him on barrels when he's ready. He is already a big fella and we think he is gonna be monster size! He is such a sweetie!

This is Safaris Got Money (name pending) or Safari as we call him. He is a grey registered quarter horse weanling colt. We are gonna keep him for a while and start him as a 2 year old. He is so cute!

And the next 3 pictures are of Bugle Doc Pines or Fiddle as we call him. He is a bay registered 10 year old quarter horse gelding. He is our barrel and rope horse. We sure love this guy and are not sorry we purchased him 5 years ago from a guy in Saskatchewan. He is my best friend and always has a listening ear and always willing to accept snuggles when I'm feeling blue! I love this guy! (He is not for sale!!!)

This is Nermy Germy or Nermy as we call him. He is a 10 year registered Dun quarter horse gelding. He is well broke to ride and is nice to be around. This horse is for sale. He requires a more experienced rider. A green rider would not be suitable for him. He was roped off of and was used for working but I have just been riding him all over. He is fun to ride and feels like you're riding a real big horse. He has lots of power and is fun to ride. Contact me for more info!

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