Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fun photos

Wowee! Its been a long time since our last post! Sorry for the delay folks! I guess there really hasn't been much new with us these last couple months. December has been filled with Christmas preparations! All the shopping, decorating and baking is done and was done in good time. Except for 1 gift which was purchased today, but at least it got done! :)

At the beginning of December we decided last minute that we wanted to do another photo Christmas card and we thought we would like to do something different than we usually do. We usually do something either at the ranch, with our horses, or somewhere in the great outdoors! This is all great but we decided to do some pictures at a place that is a huge part of our lives. Our fire hall. Bryan is a firefighter and spends a lot of time there either due to calls, drills, practices, courses, parties, get togethers, etc., etc., etc,. Me being a firefighter's wife also spends a fair amount of time there as well. Whether it be helping out, attending get together or parties, or whatever. The fire department is a huge, but great part of our lives.

Now, I could have taken these pictures myself as I am a photographer. However, I much prefer someone else taking pictures of me/us because I like to see someone else's perspective and I like other ideas too. Plus its just easier to have someone else take your pics at times! So, we hired our good friend Tracey Tyler. Her husband is also on the department. We both take photos at burns, events, and whatever else the department is involved in. She's real talented and all the photos in this post are courtesy of her! We had so much fun doing these pictures! Thanks a million Trace for doing them for us! Luv ya!!

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