Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adventures in Fishing

Hi! Its been a while since our last post. We have been a little busy between work, riding lots & lots of horses, yard work, housework, family stuff & the list goes on & on. But we did manage to sneak away for a long weekend and head out to Lake of The Woods to get some much needed R & R! It was so worth it. The smell at the lake just does wonders for the body & soul. The air is so fresh but with that woodsy piney smell, it just makes me feel so good! I have spent a great deal of time over my lifetime thus far at Lake of The Woods. I have always had family out there and they are always so gracious enough to have us come & stay so, from time to time we take advantage of that blessing. We decided to head out & do some fishing. We didn't have a boat so we went out to one of the little back lakes off one of the logging roads that we know. We had a really great fishing day that day and caught a few fish. It was so nice back there. It was just my man & I! No one else was around and it was peaceful & still. My hubby caught a real nice bass. 1 inch away from a master angler. Boo! But it was still fun reeling it in & snapping a couple pics. We also caught some jack, but threw them back as they weren't big enough to keep and we prefer to keep the walleyes! Below are some photos from our fishing adventure on our getaway! You can see the beauty of the lake & the peacefulness of the area! We had a great time there, as always!

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