Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beautiful light, nature & a rugged outdoorsman!

The title of this post sums up all the photos below. As mentioned in an earlier post called "Adventures in Fishing", we recently were in Sioux Narrows, Ontario visiting family and having a nice, relaxing weekend away. We had all kinds of weather, sun, no sun, rain, wind, hot & even cold. But, this made for all kinds of photos to be taken. There was some beautiful light that I took advantage of and played around and took some shots! The first photo is of the clouds and the sun dancing off the water as we were out on the lake in the boat. The second photo was taken in the evening in a quiet bay, and the dock just looked totally cool in the light! The 3rd photo is of a golden eagle that we saw while cruising around the lake in the boat. The photo certainly doesn't do him any justice! He was beautiful! The 4th and 5th pictures are of a black bear that was quiet, patient and stayed put long enough for me to snap a couple shots! Not anything to enter into Field and Stream magazine by any means, but nice to photo anyway! Last but not least, is a photo of my rugged, yet handsome, outdoorsman of a husband! I love this man to pieces & am so thankful that he let me take some pictures of him while out on a hike in the woods! He is my best friend and I am blessed beyond measure to have him as my husband! He is the very best & I love him so very much! Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I had fun taking them! :)

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