Friday, October 22, 2010

Live burns

Firefighting, is not for the average person I would have to say. I myself am not a firefighter but I am married to one and have had the privilege of attending several live practice burns and a few actual incidents. Below are some photos of live practice burns that I have photographed and just loved it! It is so much fun tagging along with the guys. They always treat me real good and I am always getting pulled in a lot of directions with one guy saying "hey come over here, there is some awesome looking flames", or another guy saying "this looks cool, come and a get a shot"! Also, sometimes the guys like to see how close we can get to the fire with the camera without getting to hot. I have got some shots in some serious heat, but I don't stick around there long because my camera would melt! Below are some shots from 2 separate burns that were done a few years ago. The first set was taken in late fall and the next set was taken in late winter. Both were really perfect days for the burn! I hope you enjoy them!

This photo here is my handsome hubby. We were trying to pose him for the "Backdraft" shot, but it was really hot there by that door and it didn't quite work like we thought, but it was fun anyway! He had to be sprayed down afterward, but he was ok with that.

This photo here is one of my all time faves! I have sold a few prints of this photo and this is often the photo that most are drawn too. It again is of my husband and one of the captains! I actually have this photo in my home in a 16x20 framed with one of our custom built barnboard frames. It looks amazing!


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