Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love at work

This is a totally unrelated post to most of the topics I normally post. Once again, I got to witness firsthand, our amazing fire department at work. There was a motor vehicle accident close to the ranch, and my Dad, sister and I went out for a little horseback ride. As we were riding a little ways away, we saw some tandem grain trucks parked on the road. We thought it was just farmers stopping to chat about the crops. But not 10 minutes later we heard sirens so we decided to turn around and head towards where we saw those trucks parked. Well, it wasn't farmers visiting. There was a car smashed up in the ditch and the front bumper on one tandem was all dented up. But on our way close the accident, I saw our Chief's truck and then there came the rest of our boys out to the scene. The ambulance arrived and then the fire boys began to extricate the victim, which was a young fella that is a neighbour to the ranch. I saw the father of the boy come down the road and he was so shocked to see that it was his son. But one of our amazing firemen took him aside and lovingly talked him through what was happening. I also saw our boys talking to the young fella in the car and were reassuring him. Then I saw our Chief bend down to talk to the driver of the tandem and I know the conversation will have been caring and compassionate as that is how our Chief is. As our Chief got up, he gently touched his shoulder reassuringly and went to continue to lead our men through the scene. We, and our town are blessed to have the leadership we have on our department and I just want to commend our guys and our Chief that were out there today that they did an amazing job! May God continue to bless this department and its members!! Below is a photo of one of our firetrucks!!

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  1. What a difference a kind person can make it a tough situation. Compassion is huge in this line of work!