Friday, August 14, 2009

A bit about us

This is our wedding day! We had sooo much fun! It was a beautiful fall day. We will be married
7 years on Sept. 21/09. It has flown by and every year we just love each other more!! The
horse in this picture is Soxx. I raised him from a baby. He passed away on May long weekend
this year! He was 19! I miss him!! But I enjoyed and am blessed by the time I had spent with

Another one of our favorite wedding pics! We have both these framed in our home!
Wedding photos were taken by Nikkel Photography.
This is Bryan & I with our horse Fiddle. We have had him for just over 4 years now! He is
alot of fun!
Another one of Bry & I with fiddle.
These 2 pictures were taken by Rick Hiebert, Actionplus Photo. Thanks Rick!

Late last fall Bry and I had some pics taken for our christmas cards. These are the last pics I have with Soxx!!
I love this photo.

This is taken down the back trail in our bush!

Another one of Bry and I.
I like this one!
The above 5 photos were taken by Tara Wyton Photography. Thanks Tara!!

For those of you who don't know, Bryan is a firefighter on the Morden Volunteer Fire Dept. He has been on the dept for 10 years now. He joined right after he graduated high schoool. This photo here was taken at the open house last summer. They were helping the kids shoot water at a target.

This is Bryan and I at a wedding. Not very often we get all dressed up!

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