Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend away

Well, we're back from a roadtrip that we thought was gonna take forever! We used google maps to get the time to go to Young's Bay in Minnesota on Lake of the Woods from here. The total it said was 4 & 3/4 hours. Boy was it wrong! It took 3 hours. From Young's Bay we then were picked up and whisked away to Centre Island which is on the Canadian Ontario side on Lake of The Woods. There is a fishing lodge there that we were invited to see by some new friends. We had a great time. The place is beautiful and feels just like a home away from home. It rained the whole time but we had fun and relaxation anway. This will likely be our last trip anywhere this year. We may take a winter holiday but that will sometime in 2010, maybe.
I will be posting pictures of Centre Island South once they are ready.
See ya later!

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