Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New pics soon to come

Hey all!
Just a quick update here. I am in the process of photo editing and will be posting new photos up soon.
I will have quite a variety to post. There will be photos from a 1 year old birthday party photo shoot that I will be posting. There will be photos from our weekend at Centre Island, photos from the Corn and Apple Parade of mostly the fire dept, there will be pics of the firemen giving their salute to a fallen comrade on his way through Morden to home, and then last but not least, will be a surprise! We will see what I will post!
I am also hoping to get some of my wedding portfolio uploaded, edited and posted very soon!
For those of you that don't know, Bryan and I run a little side business called Wildhorse Photography and Design. Bryan woodburns his toilet seats and builds picture frames. He does custom work on just about anything in this regard. I am a sideline photographer and I started taking horse portraits and livestock photos and it just evolved from there. I do weddings, family photos, etc. I have also been blessed over the last 8 years to be able to attend practice burns with the Morden Fire Dept and be their "official" photographer per say and I have captured lots of cool images. I feel I have gotten much better at firefighting photography over the years and each time I do it.
I just sold 5 of my firefighting prints and my customer was ecstatic with the out come. Bryan built the frames for him and together the pictures were absolutely stunning!
I will be posting some more of the prints that will be for sale, so if you see something to your liking, let me know. I will be happy to sell you what you want. Bryan will build the frames as well, unless you want something different than barn board. I do have access to another framer who will do custom framing and who does some work for me as well.
Well, have a great day and can't wait to get my next post out with new photos!

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