Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Chicken Collector

This post would technically go with the Christmas 2010 area, but I wanted to post this separately. The Chicken Collector you might ask, what exactly do you mean by "Chicken Collector"? Well, my lovely sister shown below here has always loved her chickens. As a little girl she had a chicken koop full of chickens. All kinds of chickens. Bantams, Silkies, Aracanas, laying hens, etc., etc., etc. She even had some Guinea fowl for a while too. She has always loved her "little" pets and this included chickens. So, maybe it started as kind of a joke to give her "chicken stuff" but surprisingly enough you can find some really lovely and tasteful chicken stuff. My Mom can always find neat stuff so below are the chicken-y gifts she received for Christmas this year. I too have found her some really pretty and unique chicken things too but I did not give her anything chicken like this year for Christmas or her birthday. So, all joking aside regarding "The Chicken Collector" is a legitimate collection that she has and has some really lovely things. Do any of you out there collect unusual things or something you think is unusual? Let me know if you like what you collect. Drop me a line. Talk again soon!

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