Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Food

Christmas is my most favorite time of year. It seems that Christmas is the time when all your best and prettiest dishes come out and all of your favorite foods and goodies are made and eaten. I always do a lot of Christmas baking. I love baking anyway, but at Christmas time I make the things I only make at Christmas time. This year my sister and I baked together. It was lots of fun. We got most of it done but I did some more after we baked as well. We always have lots of gatherings to go to and I usually take a plate of baking to each gathering. The first pic below is of my Christmas table. I hosted a gathering this year. It was Christmas eve for brunch with my Mom and her husband, my sister and brother in law and my hubby and I at our house. We don't have a large house, but its always nice and cozy. We had waffles, bacon, ham, fruit, bran muffins and juices and coffee for our brunch. It was yummy! The next pic is a sampling of all the baking that was done. Sour cream cutout cookies, 2 types of shortbread, jam tarts, butter tarts, white chocolate truffles and dark chocolate truffles. All goodies made by hand! Too good! The last pic is of our afternoon snacks. My Mom made this amazing cream cheese and salsa dip so we had that with tortilla chips, baking and other snacks. All in all it was a good Christmas full of good food, good times and lots of love! Hope you all had a great Christmas as well.

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